Links to Reputable Nutrition Resources

1. American Dietetic Association This site provides sensible, up-to-date, scientifically accurate, and easy to understand information to consumers. Click on “Nutrition Resources” to access fact sheets on a variety of nutrition topics and a recommended reading list. Click on “In the News” to get a handle on recent nutrition headlines.

2. The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services Healthier U.S – This page compiles a lot of nutrition (and other tips) which may be of help and are pulled from various government recommendations and publications For the

70 page scientific document, click here
For the consumer brochure “Finding Your Way to a Healthier You”, click here

3. Choose My Plate  contains plenty of information on healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Food and Nutrition
Coronary heart disease/cardio-vascular disease

High blood pressure information 
What is High Blood Pressure?

Obesity and maintaining healthy weight
Aim for healthy weight 
Weight Control Information Network 




4. Nutrition Facts label
For more information about understanding and using the Nutrition Facts label on food products

For information about Qualified Health Claims on food product labels, click here

5. American Diabetes Association
6. Institute of Functional Medicine
7. The Vegetarian Resource Group
8. Diet and Diabetes
9. The international Food Information Council – in-depth resources on nutrition and food safety topics.
10. National Osteoporosis Foundation– New Clinician’s Guide to prevention & treatment

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