Consulting & Education


Gita has consulted with Arista Life Sciences, Tokyo, Japan in 2006.
Gita was a consultant to Bluone cooking tours in Bologna, Italy, 2008.

Educational Services & Speaking:

Gita is available to speak at consumer and professional events. Talks are customized to suit the audience. Here is a list of some speaking topics:

• Nutrition and Exercise in managing poly cystic ovarian syndrome
• Changing Perceptions of Vegetarianism – Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet. Practical Applications of Implementing a Vegan Meal Plan-Adherence Made Easy.
• Hormonal Help: Functional Foods for Women of Reproductive Age – Hormonal changes and practical functional food suggestions for PCOS/Infertility through stages of pregnancy and lactation.
• Feeding Health with MS
• Surviving Diabetes in a High Tech-World: The Changing Face of Diabetes Management. Digestive Health and Micronutrients in Functional Foods.
• Diabetes and Inflammation: Inflammatory Effects of Foods and Chemicals.
• Healthy eating made simple
• Nutrition through Menopause and beyond