Client Testimonials

“About four years ago I developed high blood pressure. Since I am thin, athletic and eat a healthy diet, I was really surprised. Further tests showed I had adult onset Type 1 Diabetes, joining Psoriasis and Hypothyroid in the list of autoimmune conditions I was experiencing. Around the same time, I developed inflammation in both knees, frozen shoulder, stiffness and pain in my neck, swelling in my fingers, carpal tunnel symptoms in both hands, clicking in most joints, and severe pain in bottom of my heels, making walking very painful. It was possible that I had psoriatic arthritis, but I felt that all these symptoms must have an underlying cause. I also had severe headaches several times a week.

I had LEAP testing done, and found that many foods and chemicals were causing an inflammation response, which could explain the high blood pressure as well as the autoimmune attacks on my skin, thyroid and pancreas.

There was a long list of reactive foods and chemicals, including wheat, rice, corn, maple syrup, and some of my favorite fruits and vegetables. With Gita’s guidance, I was able to develop recipes and menus helping me to avoid all of these foods for a full year. Almost immediately, I began to feel better. My blood pressure returned to normal and I was able to discontinue taking medication. Joint pain and headaches disappeared and the progression of autoimmune attacks was slowed. The next time I was tested, the thyroid antibodies had decreased to half and the islet cell antibodies were no longer detectable. I have since added back most of the foods, but continue to strictly avoid wheat, maple syrup and rice. I eat many raw and sprouted foods and follow a rotation diet, limiting my exposure to any borderline foods to once every three days. I am completely pain-free, with normal blood pressure: 110/70. I am able to manage my diabetes with very small amounts of insulin and am maintaining excellent blood sugar levels in the normal range.

LEAP testing, in conjunction with nutritional counseling from Gita Patel, has completely changed the quality of my life. It involved a major investment of time and energy and a dedicated commitment to following the program but was well worth the effort.”

~~ Libby Curran

“I came to Gita with chronic hand pain from osteoarthritis.  Two fingers in my dominant hand are badly deformed from the OA and were very painful to use. A patient of my physical therapist had recommended Gita to me and I was willing to try anything to manage the pain. After the preliminary consultation, Gita ordered up a number of tests, which not only revealed some serious nutritional deficiencies, but also through the LEAP sensitivity testing, identified contributors to the OA inflammation.

The results of following the LEAP recommendations for six months to address the food sensitivities, as well as addressing the nutritional deficiencies have led to a significant reduction in my OA hand pain so much so that my use of Celebrex was been cut in half.

Also, now a year later I am no longer taking any Celebrex!  Down from 200mg/day in 12 months (after first seeing Gita), and zero mg/day six months thereafter!

I continue to work with Gita on the nutritional deficiencies and anticipate that she, her wisdom, and especially her dedication to following and understanding the latest research on nutrition, will be a permanent fixture in my well-being tool-kit!”

~~ C Lindsay

“Gita, thank you for helping me get my life back! Having suffered with eczema all my life, my condition become so severe that I was facing another course of steroids and immune suppressants. I wanted to take skin-sensitivity testing a step further, and see if diet and nutrition would help. Following blood testing for food sensitivities, and with the guidance and encouragement of Gita for dietary and nutritional changes specific to my condition and needs, I have regained my quality of life. I would highly recommend working with Gita to help reset your body and get your life back!”

         ~~ TKT in Manchester, NH

“The most amazing thing for me about working with Gita Patel is her depth. When I went to her for the first time, I thought I would be getting a list of foods and portions … and a dire scolding! Instead, over the course of our relationship, I have come to truly understand HOW TO BE WELL. And, I have been MOTIVATED to achieve wellness. She has taught me about (1) food: why some is good for me, why some is not and how to read labels and make selections; (2) digestion and how to insure I absorb the good food I eat; (3) the body’s cellular functions and how I add fat in hidden ways by improper food selection. And if that is not enough, Gita has a special talent for helping her patients integrate what she says into their daily lives so they can actually DO it! From shopping tips to recipes, Gita makes following her healthy prescription not only easy but fun, guaranteeing life style change and success!”

~~ Jeanne Childs

“My personalized LEAP Diet and the nutritional services I have received from Gita has been a critical component of managing my health issues. I was suffering from chronic headaches, joint aches, depression, fatigue, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, being overweight and a variety of other problems that were difficult to manage on my own. The LEAP Diet and the support from Gita had an immediate effect on my overall health from day one. I started losing weight with no effort, I no longer suffered from unexplained headaches, I felt more energized and because I was feeling better physically, my mood began to improve. My other health problems have also become more manageable and I am overall much healthier than I was before I started the LEAP Diet. I am glad that I chose to have the MRT testing done because the results have far exceeded any of my expectations. The emotional and nutritional support and the education I have received from Gita has been priceless and has had a lasting impression in my life. I couldn’t have done it all without her.”

~~ Emily Burns

“I had lived with acid reflux, indigestion and heart burn for 14 years. I assumed I had inherited the problem as my father suffers from the same. I always knew there were certain foods that irritated my digestive tract so I did my best to avoid them, but never really had a full idea of what was going on with my body. I even had fluoroscopy done to see if I had problems with my esophagus or stomach. I never went anywhere without a roll of antacids! About a year ago I started having fatigue and weight loss so after consulting with Gita I decided to get the MRT test done. I started following the LEAP guidelines and Gita’s advice, and my life has changed tremendously! Within 3 weeks of my individualized diet, I noticed I had so much more energy and was able to cope with the demands of my job which keeps me on my feet most of the day. My skin improved, my acid reflux was gone and friends were telling me that they visibly noticed a difference in me. I owe all this to Gita and her patience with working so closely with me and my individual needs.”

~~ A. Pingle

“Living in the same community, I had often heard people say ‘Gita is great, she really knows her stuff’ or ‘she is truly a mentor to her patients’ and now after being one of her patients, I can say its really true. To state that Gita has changed my life would be an understatement. Sometime back I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance which could have lead to type II diabetes if left untreated. My doctor suggested I meet a nutrition consultant. Initially I was quite hesitant thinking that my mostly Indian diet, with almost no fried, canned or cheesy food, was quite healthy. But after meeting Gita, I found just how incorrect I was. As a lay person my knowledge about what’s healthy was based on what the food and diet companies tell us. Gita gave me a complete picture of what constitutes a healthy diet. She was able to pin point the many aspects of my diet that were unhealthy. She gave me many valuable tips for buying healthy food by looking beyond just the calorie information. What makes Gita’s suggestion most easy to follow is the fact that she never forces you to eat or stop anything you most like. Her diet tips can always be modified to your convenience with the same great results.

What impresses me most about Gita is the fact that no matter when and what question you ask, she most definitely has the correct answer backed by results obtained through various studies. This just goes to show how well read she is in her field. By following Gita’s advice rigorously for 3 months, I was not only able to combat IR but also loose am amazing 20 pounds. I will value the information that I have received from her for the rest of my life. Her diet is benefiting not just me but also other members in my family.”

~~ Anisha Gupta

“Without reservation I am able to give my highest recommendation for Gita. She is vastly knowledgeable and uses her expertise to create personal nutritional plans that are healthy and practical. Her guidance also extends beyond eating plans. She provides a comprehensive assessment of the food you eat in relation to your overall health and wellbeing. During this process she educates you to make informed choices that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Gita’s holistic approach has changed my life. As a vegetarian, it was important for me to find someone who could work with these dietary restrictions, and Gita exceeded my expectations. She is supportive, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about the success of her patients.”

~~ Keisha Luce